Martabak: The Arabian Pancake

This is an easily available food in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaYemen and Indonesia, which is also equally popular in some of the other far eastern countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore as well. The Arabians call it Mutabbaq or Martabak , an Arabian pancake which is a stuffed food with minced meat , garlic , egg and onion. Although Martabak is a fantastic food of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Indonesia and Malaysia etc, however it was originated from India. During the reign of Delhi Sultanate (1206-1526), Martabak was introduced to various Muslim nations.



Martabak is prepared in various ways. Most of the people love Martabak with eggs because of its delicacy.  Indonesian Martabak is of two types, namely Martabak sweet which is made with the sweet and yummy dough. This sweet Martabak is commonly referred to as a cookie or cake bandung bright moon. Normally it is prepared by the street vendors in the evening and it is pan-cooked item. It is also called as Martabak manis. After cooking, the pancake is topped with a lot of butter or margarine and a variety of toppings according to the customer’s taste. The two major flavors are chocolate and cheese.



The salty Martabak salty is comparatively crispy and fried, the stuffing of which is usually composed of minced meat and various other savory fillings. This salty Martabak usually called Martabak eggs. The filling commonly includes duck eggs – up to six eggs for a large one – onion, green onions, cooked ground beef and seasonings. This is also known as Martabak telurMartabak , the Arabian pancake is traditionally served in the evening parties because the people take it as easy , comfortable and easy to prepare dish.


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