Kabsa: The Traditional Food Of Saudi Arabia

When we talk about the largest rice consuming nations of the world then probably Saudis are not behind from any other. Many Arab dishes comprise of rice which are extremely popular not only in Saudi Arabia but throughout Arab world. Kabsa is a prime example of rice dishes which is one of the leading favorites of Saudis. In fact Kabsa was originated from Yemen and afterwards it became one of the pleasent choices in food in all Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, Kabsa is presumed as the national dish of the Kingdom.

Kabsa Laham

Kabsa Laham

Kabsa , the traditional food of Saudi Arabia is cooked in many formats but the main ingredients include vegetables , herbs , meat and obviously rice. This is widely available in the local restaurants which are commonly known as “Muta’am“. The popular spices like black pepper , cumin , coriander , cardamoms , cinnamon sticks and nutmegs are used in cooking of Kabsa. The meat is grilled or barbequed after marinating and after that it is served with the rice. In another popular format of Kabsa known as “mandi“,  the meat is prepared in traditional style. In this way the meat is roasted in a hole under the ground. Similarly in Mathbi the meat is cooked on flat stones.

Usually you can find Kabsa served with chicken but many Saudis also love Kabsa with lamb. The presentation of Kabsa, the traditional food of Saudi Arabia is also very unique, which is another important ingredient for this rice dish. Saudi Kabsa is normally presented in a big plate and the piece of meat is kept right in the middle of the plate. Traditionally it is eaten together by sitting on the floor and the usage of spoons is very rare as Saudis prefer to eat Kabsa with their right hands.



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